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DIY Choker

January 27, 2016

Here’s my first post for 2016. Excited because this is my first ‘DIY Post’!

You can always Do-It-Yourself if you want something that is not easily available in the market. Plus, you can always design it according to your own style .. well, whatever that’s there inside your head. So, I’ve been spotting a lot of celebs wearing chokers but they are just not there in the market so i thought I’d make my own. So yay! Let’s all make our own chokers! Here’s how..


This is a simple ‘Five-Step DIY Process’ which will take only 30 minutes of your time. So let’s begin .. Shall we??




  1. Piece of Velvet cloth
  2. Scissors
  3. Hooks
  4. Needle and Thread
  5. Chains

How To:

  1. Cut the velvet cloth according to the diameter of your neck and 7cm in width.


2. Leave 1cm and stitch it from the inside (as shown in ‘a’). Turn it inside out (as shown in ‘b’)


3. Stitch the hooks between the cloth on both the ends.

12626053_751910814943918_1790808180_n        12647677_751910741610592_1421809916_n

4. Take two chains of 8cm each and one of 12cm. Take a small ring and attach the three chains to the ring (as shown in the second picture).

12607354_751910701610596_1826013939_n       12607362_751910468277286_1701729848_n

5. Stitch the chains to the choker.


Viola!! You now have your own DIY choker.





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