How to Wear | Red – the Colour of the Season

October 27, 2016

Do you often find yourself having second thoughts over buying any bright colored piece in a store – especially RED? Yes! I think we all do. I am also guessing that most of us have atleast one piece of red clothing in our closet that is almost impossible to style. Well, red is kinda tricky that way as it tends to stand out louder than the rest of the colors in an outfit especially when you are trying your hands on mix-on-match. You either end up with a stunner or a disaster. So to make it easier for you to style a red clothing, here are five effortless ideas on how to pull off the perfect red outfit look.

1. Red Puffer jackets are totally worth giving a shot if you want a look that is simple yet edgy at the same time by wearing something neat or a girly dress/top underneath the jacket for this look.



2. Experimenting with bold colors and prints in a single look are kind of a cool and fun way to play with fashion especially for people who like to dress up and get out of their comfort zone. You might actually be surprised by how your look turns out in the end. Challenge accepted?



3. Denims  have that classic look that goes well with everything. For this look, an over-sized red sweater tucked in with a pair of blue jeans  can give you the perfect casual look  that you can wear any day if you want to keep it simple and comfortable. You can always accessorize your look with a hat or a statement bag to make it look more chic.



4. Statement jackets can achieve the best ‘simple go-to’ but still dressed look up for any occasion. 



5. The color red is always an option in everyone’s list when you want to wear something classy for an event. However, remember to keep your look ‘classy’ and try to balance the color of your dress with the entire outfit by choosing a neutral color for your shoe and accessories or even makeup.



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Stay warm and stay stylish!


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