Shopping for 2016?

April 1, 2016

Planning a shopping spree to get ready for summer?  Well,winter is officially over – and I want to do some serious shopping too. So I hope this post comes in handy to help you decide what you need in your closet. Personally, I am looking at adding more bold accessories and shoes (for the rest – let me stick to the basics like my favourite denim and white tee). So what are the new trends to look for ? I have a list …  from sexy bare shoulders and lingerie-inspired dressing to an inventive twist on the classic white shirt – all big on the statement factor. Then there are the billowy sleeves, suede pieces, mules, bags with graphic prints, and the pleated skirts/dresses (Yes! they are back).

Here are some of my favorites to kick off 2016 on a stylish note, and I really hope you get some inspiration and makes your shopping easier too. Let’s get started .

Grab these Bags!

Nothing like a bag to make a bold statement without going over the top. So which are the bags to look out for?









Closet Heroes!

Try something new – give your closet a makeover. Add one of these items . .

  • Billowy Sleeves

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  • Slinky Slip Dress

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  • Plead and Suede pieces

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  • And the list goes on …

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SHOES! (Don’t ever skip the shoes)

You wear the wrong shoes, you ruin the whole outfit. It is simple as that 😉

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If you need any assistance with your shopping then you can always drop in a mail to me –

Happy Shopping 🙂


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