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Wardrobe Closeup | The Leather Jacket

March 17, 2017

Leather or Moto jackets are an essential piece to every fashion lover’s wardrobe and for that, let me give you two reasons on why you will agree with me on this – ONE: It will never go out of style and TWO: It will generally last a lifetime if you invest in a good leather jacket. Yes?

I personally love leather jackets and this piece which I bought from Zara,  is one of my current favorite in my closet. I’m obsessed with the color and the details and to be honest I think this jacket is a key piece that I’ve been  frequently wearing this winter. If you are looking for a classic piece then I think Zara is a great place to start (especially in India) as it has a lot of varieties from faux leather to real leather. There’s no denial that it’s one of those piece in a store that grabs the attention of the people and should definitely be included in anyone’s top basic wardrobe essentials.



Here’s a quick fact about leather jackets:

“Originally worn on the field of WWII, the leather jacket has come from a distant past to what it is today. Constructed of warmth and quality, it was the uniformity item for the Military. Also known as the Bomber Jacket, the leather jacket was favored for it’s heavy duty and protection for the aviators and military.”                                                                                             -The Idle Man



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