How I Spend My Leisure Time | Sketching/Drawing

March 19, 2017

Through this section on my blog | PERSONAL| I want to share what I love to do and how I spend my leisure time – sketching/drawing and getting creative with art materials. I’m all about exploring creativity in any form and that includes these random sketches, which I indulge in whenever I get the time. I get the inspirations from everywhere and anywhere.

I’ve always loved experimenting with art materials since I was a kid. It all started as a hobby, finding myself constantly drawing -my  favorite cartoons or for school activities but as it progressed (well..somehow), sketching eventually became a medium for self expression through my artwork. I started my first Wayslikeme collection with my sketches printed on tees and tops. These are some of my sketches that I’ve put together for this post .. take a look around. ♥



Drawing is an exercise for restless imagination – Tim Burton




  Paper Quilling Art


Don’t forget to share your ideas and sketches if you have any. Follow me on Instagram for more updates on my sketches.


With  Imliren


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