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April 4, 2017
|A Love Affair with my own Life|

Today I wanted to write something about fashion life – my thoughts and the things I learned along the way. Have I attained to every knowledge and experience of being an adult? Nah Ah! But I have learned few valuable lessons along the way  because of which I’m more grateful at 23 then I was, when I was 18. It all began when I moved to Delhi to pursue my bachelors in English. My experiences away from home taught me much more about life than I thought I knew. Well.. ‘growing up’ tags along a  lot of responsibilities and that was a slap from reality to all my 18 year old “figured out careers” and ambitions (haha…NOT). Anyhow, no regrets! The trick is to see an opportunity in every challenge and to get yourself to a better place.

Growing up in a small town, a society’s opinion is something that I thought, will always have some kind of influence and impact on someone’s life which made me think that it’s unfair when they get to decide what is good and bad. But I will definitely  say this – don’t waste your time on people’s opinion on what they think about you but instead, focus on yourself and put that energy on something you can better yourself at with positive thoughts. Have confidence in yourself and if you love doing something then don’t give up. 10 years from now, you are going to look back and thank yourself for not giving up on doing what you always loved to do – hard work will always pay off. Don’t stop now as this is just the beginning so, if you have the passion for something then go with your guts. :))

I’ve realized that life is far too short and sometimes it’s taken away from people too soon and always worth spending time with those you really love. No matter where you go, a family’s unconditional love and support will always be there and I believe that this is one of the greatest blessings in life. Also, cherish your friends because the good ones are like your family. With friends it’s always ‘quality over quantity’ especially as you grow older .. don’t you think? Stop being around people who waste your time and feed you with self doubt but start hanging out with people who knows where they are headed in life. Choose wisely because sometimes they can be an inspiration for you who can guide you to a better path.

Every single thing that happened to me has since impacted on who I am today and taught me how to view my life in a different and more positive way. Don’t live your life in a bubble and with regrets. Forgive – Forget – Move On – Find your passion, celebrate and cultivate it.  You have plans and places to go and this is just the beginning. ♥

|Picture taken at one of my favorite cafe in town – DCAFE, Kohima |



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  • losang yolmo

    Its nice to hear a story about someone who had the courage to move out of their comfort zone and venture out to explore and discover their dreams.
    Even with the expanse of technology and information I’ve seen many girls ( and guys too ) from the North East stay put in their hometown without ever having dreams or thoughts about moving out.
    A lack of ambition is what seems to be really hurting kids from these regions, which could be caused by a lack of public figures or leaders who have ventured out themselves.
    In recent times there has definitely been an increase in young people venturing into the larger cities but the numbers could definitely be increased with proper guidance.
    I don’t know if anyone is even going to read this ( comment ) but its something I’ve always pondered.
    I came across your blog from your Instagram page and i found this post particularly interesting as it gave me an insight into who you are as a person.
    Also i enjoyed your command over written english. Well phrased thoughts are always a delight to read.
    Hope to read more about your experiences as life moves along 🙂

    • Imliren

      Hey! Thanks for reading it 🙂 I’m glad you liked this article 🙂

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