How to wear Printed Trousers

September 21, 2014
wayslikeme-printed trousers

Okay so I’ve noticed everyone is into printed trousers these days. The thing about printed trousers is that YOU NEED TO WEAR IT RIGHT (have to) or else it’s going to make your whole outfit look BAD. I personally think that the best way to wear printed trousers is to wear it withsomething that’s more plain because it’s  the print and the color of your trouser that should stand out. If you feel your top looks too plain, then you can always accessorize it. Wearing a printed top with a printed trouser can be tricky – it can potentially make the outfit a disaster , unless it’s of the same print or one of it is of a darker color. Here are some ideas .. I hope you like it =)

wayslikeme-printed-trousers01          wayslikeme-printed-trousers02             wayslikeme-printed-trousers03 wayslikeme-printed-trousers04   wayslikeme-printed-trousers05 wayslikeme-printed-trousers06 wayslikeme-printed-trousers07 wayslikeme-printed-trousers07   wayslikeme-printed-trousers08   wayslikeme-printed-trousers10   wayslikeme-printed-trousers11 wayslikeme-printed-trousers12      wayslikeme-printed-trousers13            wayslikeme-printed-trousers14               wayslikeme-printed-trousers15           wayslikeme-printed-trousers16


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