Outfit | WinterMade Tee

May 23, 2017

In between lounging around the house or going to work, not only has this tee become my go-to pick for any outfit but whenever I wear them, I’ve actually been getting a lot of compliments for it. The reason for all these compliments? *drumroll* These WinterMade Tees by artist Moa Lemtur. He is an artist I truly admire and an inspiration not only to me but also to the whole community who appreciates art.  Continue Reading…


Fashion Pick | Basic Black Sunglasses

April 6, 2017
#FashionPick  – April Week 1

Basic black sunglasses or tinted sunglasses? CHOICES!! Hmm..I’d choose basic black sunglasses any day. Styling a pair of sunglasses can be challenging sometimes- the transformative effect a pair of sunglasses can have on you outfit. I’ve owned these pair of sunglasses for more than a year now and the best part about these glasses is that it  Continue Reading…


Life As I See It NOW | What I Learned

April 4, 2017
|A Love Affair with my own Life|

Today I wanted to write something about fashion life – my thoughts and the things I learned along the way. Have I attained to every knowledge and experience of being an adult? Nah Ah! But I have learned few valuable lessons along the way  because of which I’m more grateful at 23 then I was, when I was 18. It all began when I moved to Delhi to pursue my bachelors in English. My experiences away from home taught me much more about life than I thought I knew. Well.. ‘growing up’ tags along a  lot of responsibilities and that was a slap from reality to all my 18 year old “figured out careers” and ambitions (haha…NOT). Anyhow, no regrets! The trick is to see Continue Reading…


Trend Inspiration | Print Blocking

April 1, 2017
|Olivia Palermo|

Yesss!! Let’s get some inspiration for PRINT BLOCKING outfits today, shall we?  DON’T be afraid to wear prints and patterns and to mix-match them from head to toe, whether it’s clashing or slightly matching. The easiest way to put together a sophisticated print blocking outfit is to stick to the same color palette, but I usually prefer minimal prints as mixing two different prints/patterns for a single outfit is not an easy thing. Check out Olivia Palermo’s outfits for inspiration, worn with so much elegance and a bit of edginess in every look. ♥ Continue Reading…


Fashion Pick | White Bandana

March 29, 2017
|#FashionPick – March Week 5|

I’m a big fan of accessories especially scarves and bandanas. This spring, it’s all about the white bandana for me. Have you tried tying a bandana to your ankle? Yes? NO? Try it!  I have linked down few websites where you can shop for a similar look and try out this trend. ♥

Continue Reading…

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